Piano Recital

Ron Brickman, pianist

followed by a buffet dinner featuring the food and wine of Alsace (France)

Sunday, October 4, 2015, 4:00 p.m.

Brickman Residence, 22021 Highway 26,
 West Point, CA

The Music - Pianist Ron Brickman continues the series of biannual piano recitals that he started giving in his home in West Point in the early 1990's. This year's concert presents the Sonata in B minor of Franz Lizst, one of the undisputed monuments of the piano repertory and one of the composer's greatest works. Played without interruption, the sonata, lasting about a half hour, combines five motivic elements that are constantly transformed into a colossal but gripping and cohesive musical edifice. In the second half, the pianist plays a sampling of the piano music of York Bowen, a British composer and pianist of the early 20th century (1884-1961). Bowen's music remained squarely centered in the idioms of the Romantic era, and the composer adopted none of the atonal and rhythmic innovations of his contemporaries on the continent. Yet his works have a refreshing individuality with distinctive textures and harmonies that go subtly beyond the music of his predecessors. Long forgotten, his music has been revived in recent years to great acclaim thanks to recordings by Stephen Hough and Joop Celis. The program includes the Sonata No. 6 in B flat minor, six of the preludes from the series of 24 preludes in all the major and minor keys, and concludes with the Suite Mignonne, a set of three charming miniatures.  
The Food - The concert will be followed by a buffet dinner featuring the food and wine of Alsac, the region of eastern France along the Rhine where our piano soloist spent the first years of his career as a professor at the University of Strasbourg. The culinary traditions of the region fuse familiar elements of the German Rhine Valley with the sophistication of the French table. All of the items on our menu are standard Alsatian specialties and can be found in winstubs and country inn throughout the region. They include Soupe aux lentilles (lentil soup with a garnish of sliced sautéed frankfruters), Tourte de viande des valees (ground pork and veal marinated in Alsatian wine with shallots and herbs, then baked in puff pastry), Tarte a l'oignon (onion quiche), Crudites varies (assorted vegetable salads, including beet-walnut, celery root, shredded carrots, and red cabbage), Salade de gruyere (Butter leaf lettuce salad with grated Swiss cheese, shallots and vinaigrette), Salade de cervlas (slivered cold-cut salad in a creamy dressing), authentic Munster cheese (the region's premiere cheese), and apple streusel parfaits with custard sauce and whipped cream. (Most of the menu items are suitable for vegetarians, or vegetarian equivalents will be offered.)

Our featured wines are the celebrated wines of Alsace: primarily Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Blanc , and Pinot Gris. The Alsatians have their own winemaking traditions, perfected over the centuries, and their versions are quite different from what you find in German, Austrian or American wines using the same grape varieties. In general, Alsatian wines are not as sweet as their American counterparts, and marry perfectly with the local food specialties. Since Alsatian wines are not extensively sold in the US, this is a rare opportunity to sample an array of wines from one of the world's finest wine regions. We will also have on hand Kronenbourg 1664, the premier beer of Alsace, plus non-alcoholic beverages.

The dinner will be served buffet style, with seating at tables of four in an outdoor setting.
The Setting - As tradition demands, the concert will be held in the residence in West Point of the performing artist. The event is a recurring homage to the pianist’s teacher, “Bim” Brockman, who lived on the property from 1946 to 1984 and with whom the pianist began piano lessons in 1952. The residence, having undergone multiple improvements over the years, is now one of the Mother Lode’s most distinctive, modernized but still retaining the original all natural wood construction and character. The concert will be performed on the pianist’s superb German-made Grotrian grand piano. The home is situated on a 35-acre property harboring over 200 fruit and nut trees, with a view overlooking Blue Mountain. Explicit directions will be sent to all those purchasing tickets. A staircase of some 15 shallow steps is necessary to climb in order to arrive at the concert room on the second floor.
                                     Price of admission per person: $40

Ticket information: Advance purchase of tickets is required. Seating is limited and reservation requests will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis. You may send in a check made out to MLFM for the number of tickets desired with the form below to MLFM, PO Box 1362, Jackson, CA 95642. Your tickets will be mailed back to you or held at the door. Please call (209) 293-4227 to inquire about availability.
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